FUTURAMA 2099 Lyrics – DC The Don

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Ooh (Kyd), ooh
(Ayy, show ’em where it’s at, Chris)

Girl, I want you bad
I’m the terminator
Real shit, I don’t wanna wait up
Girl, you make me mad
Pop out like The Undertaker
No shoot, girl, I’ma layup
RoboCop love, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Yeah, you’ve been trippin’
Shit, but I’ve been trippin’ too, so what’s the fu©kin’ difference?
Yeah and she’s been sippin’ too
She having codeine visions, yeah
All them times I called, you ignored it like I didn’t
Shit I’m marryin’ Wanda, she love when I’m lifted
I just 2020 my vision, woah
That’s why I’m not leavin’ comments
I’m too motherfu©kin’ fried to be honest, ayy
I see my bitch work in economics
She keep on countin’, countin’ ’til she vomit, ayy
Stackin’, stackin’, make it triple my boys
Tryna change the whole fu©kin’ climate, ayy
Spittin’ straight facts
And I promise you truly, I like where I’m at
‘Cause I’m under hysteria, my gang in the back
In the whip, I go hard, put my city on the map
And I brought that shit back
And I brought that shit back, girl, I’m east side on baby
You know where I’m at
And I’m in the opp’s crib, baby mama ain’t watchin’ your kid but I’m blowin’ her back
Welcome to the dogs crib, leave your motherfu©kin’ shoes at door ‘fore you step on my mat
And you know how many niggas up in that bitch, I’ll fu©k [?] now ‘fore this shit get [?]
And my new bitch, shut the fu©k up, get down, said do y’all niggas [?] yea straight like that
It ain’t Christmastime, fu©k that shit, just get it wrapped
[?] mo’fu©king [?] he’ll spray with the strap