Herencia de Patrones – Envenenado Lyrics English Translation

Herencia de Patrones Envenenado Lyrics English Translation

916, that’s the area
The locochones, that’s my breed
From the age of thirteen the lungs filled me
Burning daily, I the plane never came down

The wash gives me pa’ up
Cookies give me wings
And the syrup makes me feel good slowly
Muddy soda with a double glass

Poisoned I pass it
In my little die, the Toyotite
Sparking Cookies, well, I’m walking
I take out the smoke and I forge another cock

My little mother, the dearest
For her I would give my life
My boss working undocumented
It’s heavy, but nothing has been missing

The race pays without being known
Karma comes and goes back
Calm down, morros, don’t get tangled up
They take care of eggs to walk in what I walk

Let’s have a good look at what it’s about
Life is faithful, but there are low
I remember when I couldn’t even reach pa’ the belly
It was hard, but those things happen

Now they see that I’m doing well
In my strong Corvette I will walk
What I’m doing is not to talk
With Satan I already have a deal

You know who’s in charge